NYC Club Owner Finds Astonishing, Novel Waste of 13,000 Square Feet: It's a Night Club for Dogs


Photo: Bev Sykes under a Creative Commons license.

When you go out clubbing, do you wish you didn't have to leave your dog behind? Well, thanks to the people behind Fetch, Tribecca's first night club for dogs, you don't have to! Spanning 13,000 square feet, Fetch includes a 3,000 square foot indoor (fake) grass park, a spa for mud baths and facials, and an entree of the day (hint: it's not kibble).

While Sacramento has already set the bar pretty high with its everything green dog kennel, New York City is firing back. The New York Post reports that Fetch has even got a sauna big enough to fit a St Bernard, not to mention a social club, holistic fitness, canine courses, and a boutique. The club is also open during the day, when dogs not quite so into clubbing can chill out and watch a movie or hit the treadmill. So why break the human monopoly on clubbing? Club owner Peter Balestrieri and his partner Janna Lee believe that dogs deserve better treatment. Posting a video of one dog rescuing another after being hit by a car, they wrote on their Facebook page:

Evidence why our dogs are more than just pets. Evidence why they are always deserving of more.

Despite one dog's deserving heroism, the club's neighbors aren't exactly thrilled. Worried about noise, zoning laws, and waste disposal, tenants of the Tribecca building the club is moving into have lodged numerous complaints. They've had little luck, though: Fetch is reporting via Facebook and Twitter that it will soon be open for business.

While we agree that dogs are pretty amazing animals, we're pretty sure this is far from the easiest, greenest, or most sensible reward for their companionship. What's wrong with a treat and letting them sleep on the sofa, anyway? In the movement to improve our lives (and those of our pets) with better, greener design, Fetch is a jarring step in the wrong direction. Here's hoping Lassie will come along and save us.

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