NY's Governor Pataki Seeks to Reduce Oil Dependence

Throughout his tenure as New York's Governor, George Pataki has had a surprisingly positive record on environmental issues. The soon to be former Governor was instrumental in the development of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Furthermore, he enacted the first "green building" tax credit in the nation. In addition, Pataki implemented standards that require 25% of the power sold in New York to come from clean and efficient sources. Although this was less of challenge for New York given its tremendous hydro capacity, the Republican Governor seems to have the right idea when it comes to addressing climate change. As talks of Pataki's presidential aspirations continue, it is clear that he is working to distance himself from his party's reputation on environmental issues, in particular global warming. This is most recently evidenced by a speech given to the National Press Club on Monday in which Pataki called for a national policy that would reduce oil consumption by 25% over 10 years. The Governor's plan is highlighted by three interrelated initiatives. First, Pataki outlined the need for tax incentives that would promote increased vehicle efficiency and more widespread use of alternative fuels. Second, he has called for increased production and purchasing of non-petroleum fuels. Finally, the Governor addressed the need to expand the nation's fueling infrastructure to make alternative fuels readily available. The full text of Pataki's speech is available here, and a good summary of his plan can be read at Green Car Congress. See also ::North Jersey Fights Climate Change and ::Bishop of London: Contributing to Climate Change is a Sin