NY Times to Obama: Don't Let Shell Drill in the Arctic


Photo: MarmotChaser via Flickr/CC BY

The New York Times has been wading into the environmental policy arena more often than usual these days -- defending the EPA, explaining the importance of the gas tax, and now, imploring Obama to put the breaks on Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. The Obama administration has already made an initial approval for the project, but his own Coast Guard has come out against the project, admitting there's little they could do if a spill occurred.

Add to the fact that Shell is in the midst of dealing with another offshore spill right now, and that it would be infinitely harder to clean up a spill in the icy reaches of the Arctic than somewhere like the Gulf of Mexico, for example, and there's plenty of reason to be concerned. A spill there could be devastating to the vital ecosystems that live in the area where drilling is scheduled to begin.

There's a reason that this region has been protected from the clutches of oil companies for so long, after all.

Check out the NY Times' strongly-worded editorial here.

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