NY Times on Eco-hotels, Linda McQuaig on Reopening NAFTA


Hotels Struggle to Find the Right Eco-Message: "Hotels that care about the environment often have a delicate balancing act. They want to offer guests the opportunity to stay, without guilt, in a pristine environment. Yet their very existence there is an intrusion. " ::Joe Sharkey in the New York Times

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Go ahead and reopen NAFTA:" Let's just consider ourselves lucky that the heated U.S. Democratic presidential race may result in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) being put back on the table. Here's the problem: NAFTA contains a clause that effectively prevents us from cutting back exports of our energy to the United States – even if it means there will be energy shortages in Canada. [Mexico didn't agree to this;] a second time around, Canadian negotiators might at least be as tough as their Mexican counterparts." ::Linda McQuaig in the Star

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