"Nuclear Boy" Video Explains Japan Radiation Crisis With Poo

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Screenshot via YouTube

For people who've been having trouble understanding the radiation crisis in Japan, maybe an animated video that uses poop as a metaphor for radiation will help clear things up. That's precisely why Nuclear Boy was created in the first place: an artist was trying to explain the situation to his family on Twitter using nontechnical terms, and an anonymous person decided to use those Tweets as the inspiration for this animated video:

Andrew Revkin emailed with Hachiya Kazuhiko, the Japanese artist whose Twitter stream, he writes, "explaining the nuclear accident to his family started the sequence of events that led to the animation."

Revkin writes about the video:

Once you substitute "radiation" for "poo," the basic concepts are conveyed reasonably well, although Shibata stresses (as do I) that this is purely allegorical and not scientific. See what you think.

The video ends with commentary that might be seen as a slight exaggeration—"That's the least we can do for receiving Nuclear Boy's energy for so many years"—but I like that it raises the issue of paying a price for all our energy consumption.

Because in all the talk about the situation in Japan and what that means for nuclear power here, and what other sources we could or should turn to for energy, surprisingly little is said about cutting back on energy consumption in the first place.

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