Not a Good Week For Wind Power


The NIMBY's fighting wind turbines in Ontario are taking a leaf from the Creationists and the climate skeptics: wrap it in phony science. According to the Globe and Mail, "The fight against wind development from residents who live near planned projects has taken on a life beyond the usual NIMBY (not in my backyard) complaints. Wind opponents are now using broad arguments about wind reliability to bolster their other concerns over noise, bird safety, vibration and destruction of natural vistas. That's going to accelerate in 2007, said Tom Adams, executive director of Toronto energy watchdog Energy Probe. "The NIMBYs are going to be more capable [and better able] to analyze and bring serious arguments, rather than just aesthetic concerns, into the discussions." The big argument is that gee, the wind doesn't blow all of the time, and often isn't there at peak hours when it is needed most. We heard this from the New York Times last week. In Alberta, concerns about consistency have led to limits on growth of wind power out of fears that it will destabilize the grid. Of course, they have the oil sands and take a different perspective. In Ontario, the Government has frozen offshore development until it "thoroughly examines the environmental impacts." Of course, when it comes to energy, this government is just gutless. Not a good week for wind. ::Globe and Mail