Norway's "Green" Bastoey Prison


"Bastoey Prison, located on the island of the same name, south of Oslo, has solar panels, heats its buildings with wood-waste rather than oil, operates a strict recycling policy and is almost self-sufficient in terms of food."

"If inmates at this prison do porridge, it is organic porridge. For it is not only recreational drugs that are banned, pesticides are too. All the potatoes, beans, grains and berries grown in the prison garden are 100 per cent organic. The prison receives grants from environmental groups, and any food that doesn't get used in its own kitchen is sold to other jails."

"To put some protein in their diet, the inmates also look after 200 chickens, 40 sheep and 20 cows as well as fishing in the waters of the Skagerrak Sea. "It's part of our way to make inmates take responsibility, by getting them to look after plants and animals," the prison's deputy governor, Per Eirik Lund, said yesterday."

Rather monastic sounding a destiny, is it not? For the junk food junkies, the sentence would be hell on earth.

Via:: Mathaba and MSNBC, Image credit:: Ecologie Positive

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