Norway Seed Bank: A Hedge Against Food Loss

Svalbard, Norway is the site of Norway’s bid to enter into the international seed market. With GM foods, global warming, tsunami, and terrorists nagging at our minds, it is nice to have a few backup plans. This one takes care of our ability to grow food in a variety of climates and conditions. The facility will act as a genetic seed bank of sorts, where countries can store vast quantities of important grain and other seeds. Thus, keeping the current level of biodiversity found in grain stocks safe for the future. So, in the event of a calamity - say GM plants breed with native stocks and create hybrid inedible guck, we can go get our good tasty seeds from Norway and replant. One benefit of having the seeds in Svalbard, is even if the power goes out, the cold temperature is likely to keep the seeds in good condition for a long time. Although, I’m hoping they will install some wave power generators to keep the seed facility juiced.:: AP Release