North Carolinians, Help Stop the Construction of the Cliffside Coal Power Plant

While I don't think anyone is planning to chain themselves to conveyor belts in protest at this demonstration, if you're in North Carolina (or from farther afield and feel passionately about stopping the US's use of coal) then head to Charlotte on April 20 to stop the construction of Duke Energy's new, and entire unnecessary, Cliffside power plant:Bill McKibben really lays out the situation regarding coal power plants,

This plant is a relic before it's even built, a leftover from the days before we realized that coal is filthy in every way. It's hard to imagine that the technologically savvy Tarheel State really wants to get stuck with yesterday's technology.

The rally begins at 10am in Marshall Park, on the corner of McDowell and Second Street. The demonstration will then take to the streets, walking to the Governor's Office to deliver a message to Governor Perdue, and then move onward to Duke Energy headquarters on Church Street.

More info: Stop Cliffside!
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