North Carolina Law Requires Electric Utility Plant Combustion Of Chicken Poop

Crane moving chicken litter power plant fuel hall photo

Crane moving chicken litter in power plant fuel hall during Fibrominn Grand Opening,
Benson, Minnesota
. Image credit:Fibrowatt USA.

The poo-burn requirement is according to a story from the The News & Observer, Activists fight small power plants. Chicken waste as fuel draws fire
Fibrowatt USA, a Pennsylvania subsidiary of New Hampsire's Homeland Renewable Energy, wants to build dedicated chicken-poop-fired electical generators in North Carolina, where, one assumes, they must have way too much chicken waste. The poo-boilers will have to pass emission tests to get air operating permits. Know what one of the big emission concerns is? Arsenic.Arsenic in chicken waste? Where does it end up?
Chicken feed on factory farms contains added arsenic. Most of the added arsenic passes through the chickens' digestive tracts and goes with the flow. (Why chickens are fed extra arsenic is a story for another day.)

Here is the ludicrous part of this story. If you burn chicken droppings in a coal-fired electric plant, the power plant owner will have no difficulty meeting its air emissions permit requirements because coal plants already receive arsenic in their coal supplies and emit it via fly ash, and to some degree up the stack.

However, if you build a dedicated chicken poop power-fired power plant, you will need an air permit limit, specifically, for arsenic. And, for whatever else goes up the stack in significant amounts.

Chicken poop combustion - dirtier than coal combustion.

A preliminary study by this state's Division of Air Quality shows that Fibrowatt's Minnesota plant emits more particulates, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides than a coal-burning power plant.
You will have most certainly heard of "Clean Coal." An opportunity may exist for a talented ad agency rep to start a "Clean Chicken Poop" campaign.

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