Non-Toxic Products on Catwalk in Europe

Major consumer brands took to the catwalk recently in Brussels in a bid to stop other companies from using hazardous chemicals in their products. The show, organized by Greenpeace, dubbed "Substitute with Style", featured a wide range of green products such as televisions and mobile phones that have not been made using brominated flame retardants, children's t-shirts from Marks and Spencer that do not contain phthalates, and PVC-free shoes from Reebok.The show's organizers hope to make innovations like these a part of REACH, the new European chemicals regulation, which the European Parliament and Council will vote on later this year. Some may not agree that regulation is the way to go, but it is encourgaging to see major retailers such as Reebok, Hennes & Mauritz, Sony and Sony Ericsson and IKEA taking part.

[by Justin Thomas]