No One Else Is Reducing Emissions That Much So We Won't Either: Australia's Prime Minister

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Australia's Great Barrier Reef is a likely victim of rising temperatures due to global warming. Photo: Leonard Low

Last week the EU announced a new global warming mitigation plan that, as it called for only a 20% reduction in emissions by 2020 was criticized as not being strong enough. Well, Australia just announced its own carbon emission reduction plan and it does even less than the EU plan.

How much is not enough? Five percent by 2020 is not enough. Even the 15 percent proposed if a global climate change pact is reached is too little. And what's worse is prime minister Kevin Rudd's statements on the matter:Reductions 'Consistent With Other Developed Countries'

We are not going to make promises that cannot be delivered.

We are starting the scheme with appropriate and responsible targets, targets that are broadly consistent with other developed countries.

'Broadly consistent with other developed countries'... That really should read, "no one else is doing enough to reduce emissions so we won't either."

Carbon Trading Scheme to Begin 2010
As part of the proposed emissions reductions is a carbon trading scheme, scheduled to begin in 2010, which Rudd called, "one of the largest and most important structural reforms to our economy in a generation."

Incorporating the price of carbon into that of goods and services is a serious economic structural reform, but when the goal is reducing emissions a fraction of what will be required to prevent the worst of global warming I am decidedly underwhelmed.

As Lester Brown would say, Time for Plan B.

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