No New Gasoline-Only Car Sales in Norway by 2015: Finance Minister Proposes

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At minimum, all new vehicles would have to be flex-fuel or electric hybrids, photo:Mike via flickr.

Norway's Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen has proposed that from 2015 sales of new gasoline powered cars would be banned in the country, Reuters reports. But contrary to the way that initially sounds there would still be plenty of fossil fuel powered cars around for some time:Under the plan all new cars sold in Norway would have to at least partially run on biofuels, electricity or hydrogen. Gasoline-electric hybrid cars would be permitted and no part of the existing car fleet would be forced off the road.

Halvorsen said,

This is much more realistic than people think we they first hear about this proposal. The financial crisis also means that a lot of those car producers that now have big problems... know that they have to develop their technology because we also have to solve the climate crisis when this financial crisis is over. That is why we would like a ban from 2015.

Is Opposition A Question of Framing?
I wonder if opposition to the plan is really in the way it's framed? Describing the proposal as a ban on new gasoline powered cars sounds draconian—even if it'd be a fantastic idea from the environmental perspective. Since gasonline-electric hybrids would be very much part of the plan, and since vehicles would only have to partially run on biofuels, it's really not as radical a proposal as it first sounds.

Perhaps calling the minister's plan a requirement that all cars in the fleet be either gasoline-electric hybrids or flex-fuel vehicles by 2015 would go over better? And more accurately describe the seeming intent of the proposal.

via: Reuters
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