No More Meat Pies for English Soccer Club: Forest Green Rovers Stops Serving Meat at Games

Downing a meat pie at half time at an English soccer game is as traditional as...eating a meat pie at a soccer game. That's what you do.

But not at the Forest Green Rovers games any more. The new owner is a vegan and he has instituted a no-meat policy for all food served. This is a shocker....

Instead fans will be treated to an entirely meat-free menu. It sounds delicious. Good bye sausage rolls, hello to "rainbow kobez wrap, with pumpkin hummus, grated beets and grated carrot; polenta chips with chilli and thyme; and steak mushroom, swede, leek & real ale in short crust pie."

The new owner of the team is a millionaire and a vegan. He has some very strong ideas about the environment and the impact of what we eat.

He says:

"We are not just doing this to provide tasty food. It takes ten times more energy to feed a meat-eater than it takes to feed a vegetarian. So Rovers is becoming the first ever sports club to offer all fans, players and staff an accredited sustainable menu. Forest Green Rovers want to lead the way both on and off the field. Football fans are a large and passionate audience, and first and foremost we want to win for our fans but we also want to win over fans to the idea of greater sustainability in sport and in life."

The Gloucestershire team is becoming greener on the field as well. The chairman, Dale Vince, wants to make it the most sustainable football team in Britain, and maybe the world.

To that end, they collect rainwater from the stadium roof and underneath the field to recycle for irrigation. They are sinking a borehole to reach the local spring water. The pitch itself is going organic with the help of the Soil Association. They are developing LED floodlights -- the first in the world -- as one of their many energy saving technologies, and 170 solar panels collect energy from the roof.

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No More Meat Pies for English Soccer Club: Forest Green Rovers Stops Serving Meat at Games
The vegan owner of the historic soccer club treats fans to an entirely meat-free menu -- despite traditions.

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