No Increase in CAFE or the Dog Gets It


(no dogs were harmed in the production of this post, picture is from 1972)

When GM launched the Volt, Kristi noted "It has surprised many to see GM throw their hat in the hybrid ring as such a formidable competitor." Now we may be learning why they did. Joe Romm suggests "GM is using the Volt the same way it used fuel cell cars to kill the electric car in California." he points to an article in Edmunds:

General Motors' North American operations chief, Troy Clarke, is meeting with legislators on Capitol Hill today, and he's bringing along the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid prototype. GM hopes the Volt will help convince lawmakers that electric and alternative-fuel vehicles are the route to energy independence. The Big Three have strenuously opposed a proposed increase in CAFE standards, saying the cost of meeting higher mpg averages would take away resources that could be put toward development of alternative-energy vehicles.

So, Congresspeople, "No increase in CAFE or the Volt gets it." ::Climate Progress

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