No Climate Aid For You! US Won't Help Those Nations Opposed to Copenhagen Accord


We'll have some more complete coverage of the climate talks taking place right now in Bonn, Germany once the dust settles a bit, but this one just can't wait. The Washington Post and The Guardian are reporting it has emerged that the United States will deny climate mitigation and adaptation aid to nations who have opposed the Copenhagen Accord. Prominent among those are Bolivia and Ecuador, which stand to lose $3 million and $2.5 million respectively.US envoy Todd Stern told reporters,

There's funding that was agreed to as part of the Copenhagen Accord, and as a general matter, the US is going to use its funds to go to countries that have indicated an interest to be part of the accord.

Stern added that the decision wasn't entirely "categorical" however. Which I suppose means that if you haven't be vocal opponents of the US more broadly, but for some reason didn't much like the Copenhagen Accord you could still get some money.

US Looks Like Bad Guy in Global Morality Play
The Guardian quotes the climate change director for the Union of Concerned Scientists as saying the US "hard line" move,

...has the potential to be a counterproductive strategy. To cut off adaptation aid to countries suffering the impacts of climate change that are largely the result of past emissions from the US and other industrial countries risks making them look like the bad guys in a morality play. It is not a strategy that is going to play well in the developing world.

Indeed. We're just at the beginning of the long road to 2012 (since as already no one seems to much expect a legally binding agreement this year, why not just aim for South Africa next year, rather than Mexico in six months?) and it appears the US understands the position of the developing world no more than it ever has. It's pathetic really.

David Waskom from Oxfam America also really nailed it:

If you want to build confidence and trust among developing countries, this would not be the way to do it, especially in light of the fact that we haven't yet passed a climate change bill.

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