No Bottled Water in London, Ontario

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David Suzuki says "I think bottled water is toast." And London, Ontario City Council agrees. The government of this city of 450,000 has voted to stop selling bottled water in all municipal buildings. The vote was 15 to 3, a healthy majority. It was won despite the opposition of the bottled-water industry which came up with two alternate proposals in an attempt to stave off the decision. The ban will extend to city hall, city-owned buildings, hockey arenas and community centres. Now the city will ensure that fountains are installed where ever the water is prohibited.

The drinking water in the area is very safe and healthy. The move was also prompted by the fact that 20 million plastic bottles were ending up on the local landfill each year and clogging it up. The City realized that they were picking up greater and greater volumes of recycling, and it was taking them longer to do it. The cause was the increase in plastic water bottles. They were concerned by the amount of energy it takes to transport the bottles, as well as the waste produced by them. London sets a good precedent; the local school board is now considering doing the same. Other cities such as Windsor, Vancouver, Kitchener and Toronto are too. As Suzuki says: "I hope it leads to the position that SUVs are acquiring in society, where you look at anyone who hauls out a bottle of water and say, 'What the hell's wrong with you? " :: Globe & Mail
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