Nissan Taking LEAF Reservations Starting Tomorrow ($99, Refundable)

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Image: Nissan
Production Will be Around 50,000/Year at First, So Get in Line
So far, "115,000 people have expressed interest in the vehicle", says Nissan about the electric LEAF. These people signed up online to receive more information when it becomes available, and that's what just happened. Nissan says that it will start taking reservations tomorrow, April 20, for a $99 refundable reservation fee.
nissan leaf electric car photo

Image: Nissan
The auto maker will begin delivering the car, which is expected to have a 100-mile range, in December. The Leaf will start at $32,780, and buyers will be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles. Nissan has a capacity to build 50,000 Leafs annually for the global market, including the U.S., at its plant in Japan. (source)

To get in line, go to Nissan's LEAF website.

Nissan's obviously going full steam ahead. It's aggressive timeline and production ramp up could give it a non-negligible advantage over other bigger automakers that are dragging their feet about EVs. And the pricing has already changed the game, as I wrote here: Nissan's LEAF Creates a New "Anchor" for Electric Car Pricing, Forcing Others to Match It.

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