Nike's Better World Site: One Shoe Does Good, The Other Shoe Kicks Ass

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Time was when it was difficult to write about Nike on TreeHugger without reminding everyone how blackened their ethical record was. Times have changed people. Being one of the biggest apparel companies in the world, whose mission is all about competitive excellence, it's clear they want to be the best. Long past playing catch up Nike have now sped ahead, overtaking many on the inside lane, to lead the field in corporate sustainability. The latest offering from their innovative green box of tricks is the frankly awesome Better World site.

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Deep Green Strategy
We've been regularly impressed by the Nike deep green strategy, that has produced big positive steps in the last few years with greater use of sustainable fabrics such as recyclable PET, shoes made from waste, banning deforestation leather, and even offering their sustainable design tool for free.

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Best of Nike Sustainability
Now all their good work, both in the community and on the production line, has been collated in the brilliantly designed Better World site. This scrolling storyboard presentation, using HTML 5, shows the best of Nike's sustainability initiatives.

With great images, punchy copy and bite sized facts Better World makes for a straight talking, humourous, informative and visually engaging site.

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The importance of storytelling
Nike Better World micro site acts as a top layer intro to the deeper Nike Considered Design site, and other related Nike projects such as the Homeless World Cup and the Nike N7 shoe built for Native American feet. Each page provides a link which takes you to find out more on the relevant project site.

It's companies like Nike, with enormous resources, that can really demonstrate sustainable innovation on a large scale. Their history of innovative advertising and marketing campaigns means they're also brilliantly equipped to tell their sustainability story in interesting ways. This is green in the mainstream, showing us how it can be done.

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Massive positive impacts
We particularly like the "We don't hug trees, we save them." page, highlighting the introduction of Nike's Better Shoebox this year.

"A new lighter, stronger shoebox comes into play in 2011. Using 23% less material in the box saves the equivalent of 200,000 trees annually. And like all of our shoeboxes since 1995, it's made with 100% recycled cardboard. Trees should be hugging us."

Saving 200 000 trees annually? Now that's impact!

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