Nike Says No To Deforestation Leather - Not That They Ever Used It...

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About a month ago, Greenpeace released a report showing how major global shoe brands may be contributing to Amazon deforestation by buying leather from cattle raised in the newly cleared land. The report caused a stir among Brazilian supermarkets, and now has rippled out to the shoe brands themselves. Nike has pledged to ensure that no leather in its shoes comes from deforested regions and has established an official Amazon leather policy:Nike says that it doesn't believe that any of its shoes ever were made with leather sourced from the Amazon basin but says that it is committed to a new policy that requires its leather suppliers to establish a traceability system over the coming year.

Additionally, Nike's policy calls for the establishment of an enforceable certification system for all industries involved in the Brazilian beef and leather trade.

Other Shoe Brands Urged to Act
Greenpeace was understandably chuffed by Nike's statement, saying,

We applaud the leadership that Nike is taking on the critical issue of Amazon deforestation. Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is why Brazil is now ranked as the world's fourth largest C02 polluter.

Nike's actions demonstrate the measures that other major players in the footwear sector--like Reebok, Adidas and Timberland--need to take to protect the Amazon.  By taking responsibility for their part of the problem and by working together with the Brazilian people and their government, we will see real, effective solutions to combat climate change.

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