Nike Considered's Lorrie Vogel at Opportunity Green on Creating a Sustainable Design Ethos (Video)

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It's no surprise that athletic apparel and gear juggernaut Nike takes innovation seriously when it comes to crafting footwear. And they've made quite a entrance into the green scene. With its Considered line, designers are challenged not only to create footwear that makes a lighter footprint, but that's also "tasked with being authentic, innovative, with uncompromising performance." As general manager of the brand, Lorrie Vogel is the one of charge of making that happen. As an industrial designer, in the past she's worked on products such as Texas Instruments' Speak & Spell and an RFID system used to track animals in order to halt the spread of disease. I caught up with her at Opportunity Green earlier this month, where she talked about about understanding where Nike's biggest footprint lies, and integrating sustainability into the ethos of the brand. Click through to watch the video.
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