Nigeria To Tax "Donated" Used Computer Imports


Maybe it's time to stop giving tax write offs for "educational donations" of computers and peripherals (a.k.a. closet fill). That would stem the tide of toxic electronic junk headed toward developing nations under the guise of being "for educational purposes". This is far worse than poorly rationalized expiation of guilt via purchase of carbon offsets.

Nigeria is to introduce import duties to stem the influx of substandard and unserviceable computers, electrical and electronic appliances posing health and environmental hazards in the country.

Nigerians are becoming increasingly fed up with what experts have described as "junk" imported second-hand computers, electrical appliances and cell phones which are flooding Africa's most populous country from Europe, Asia and the United States.

Reminder to self: don't be so absorbed in climate change issues that other priorities are forgotten. We in the west must find better ways to assign consumer and producer responsibility.

Via::Yahoo News, LAGOS (AFP), "Nigeria to impose import duties to stem influx of junk PCs" Image credit::ibid

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