Nigel's Green Web Awards Laud TreeHugger, Others

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Nigel's Eco Store is a nice online eco-store for eco-friendly products. This year Nigel held his first Green Web Awards and the results are a good source of new (to some) green sites. TreeHugger was a judge, and we were in good company with fellow judges from the Timesonline EcoWorrier, HippyShopper, EcoStreet, Digg and SmartPlanet. We are proud to announce that Treehugger won in the "Eco-blogs and News Sites" category. No conflict here--we couldn't vote for our own. Quoth the judges: "It's no surprise that the judges voted Treehugger as No. 1 in this category - it has firmly established itself as the "Green CNN" online: a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information."

Other categories and winners included Responsible Travel for eco-tourism (The Man in Seat 61 came second) and Green People under ethical health. On-line campaigns: green thing came first, with the Nag second. Green living advice: ideal bite and freecycle for best online community. Green energy sites: Green Energy. Ethical Clothing: People Tree and best climate change site: Act on CO2, with the BBC second. The greenest company was method, with Ecover running second. Always a source of amusement, the Wooden Spoon Award for the Worst Greenwash: Barbie BCause from Mattel and then Shell's flower chimneys ad and thirdly ExxonMobil Desmog Blog. :: Nigel's Eco-store
More on the Green Web Award Winners
:: The Man in Seat 61
:: The Nag
:: People Tree
:: Ecover

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