NGO Calls for Stronger Regulations on Mexican Parrot Trade

According to a study by Defenders of Wildlife Mexico, the mortality rate of parrots captured in Mexico's wild is 75 percent, which means that between 50,000 and 60,000 parrots die every year before reaching the buyer. The study, entitled "The Illegal Parrot Trade in Mexico" called the trade in certain imperiled Mexican species "terribly inhumane and a great waste."

Between 65,000 and 78,000 parrots and guacamayas are hunted illegally every year, but only 2 percent are confiscated by the Environmental Attorney General's office, known as Profepa. Defenders and Green Party politicians are calling on the government to approve reforms to the Wildlife Law which would ensure more regulation of the parrot trade and greater protection for the species. The study, which was released in February of this year, also found that U.S. consumer demand for parrot species could be a major factor in their extinction if current trends continue.

"If the species is extinguished in Mexico, it's extinguished in the world. The ecological equilibrium and food chain would be lost. And we can't permit...the loss of our natural patrimony just for 150 captured parrots," said Juan Carlos CantĂș, director of programs for Defenders Mexico.:: Via CDN Mexico

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