Next Sunday, 75 Million People Will Read About Global Warming [Updated]

[This is a guest post by Katie Kurtz. -Ed] The cover of this Sunday's (6/25/06) issue of Parade Magazine shows a sweating businessman wiping his brow with his tie next to the headline "How Climate Change Affects You Now." The lead sentence of this special report sets a rather unusual tone – "As we learned last year in New Orleans, weather can be a weapon of mass destruction." With a readership of 75 million Americans the fact of its publication might prove that learning about the affects of global warming has gone mainstream. Written by author Eugene Linden (Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilizations), the report is filled with facts about global warming that many of us are becoming more and more familiar with (the past ten years have seen the hottest summers on record, glaciers are melting, the weather is getting worse, et cetera). Under headings such as "Look Outside: The Weather is Already Changing," "We're Making It Worse," "A Darkening Financial Forecast," and "Climate has Destroyed Past Civilizations," Linden lays out in plain language not only the devastating affects of environmental changes but also how it impacts American's pocketbooks. He also mentions the report last year by Science magazine that surveyed "scientifically credible" articles from 1993-2003 and found that "Not one took issue with the consensus that humans are contributing to the changes that we are seeing." A list of solutions is also offered – from encouraging mass transit to writing to government officials about steps they can take. The website will feature more tips on how readers can make changes to slow down the rate of global warming. ::The 4 Stages of Global Warming Denial [This has been a guest post by Katie Kurtz.]

Update: The magazine is out, and the website has been updated with Why You Can’t Ignore The Changing Climate and 25 Ways To Help Curb Climate Change. A big "thank you" to the Parade Magazine team for linking to TreeHugger in the "more to know" sidebar!