Next Act For Greens? A Proposed Outline.

genesis photo

Genesis. Image credit:Flickr, IndyCharlie

In 2005, a nascent green 'counter-culture' went all in for lifestyle changes and exploring green product and building design. Posting was cool. There were extended online debates over questions such as Should I drive a hybrid? How do I know if there's vinyl in my sex toy? *

There were detours en-post for bio-diesel and especially for corn-based ethanol - shhhh, keep it buried in the archives - lists of green gifts for the holidays, and so on. China, however, soon upset the green blog cart by visibly beating the US' record of consumption and industrial throughput, demonstrating that no amount of little things done by US greens could mitigate significantly against the ocean acidifying, climate changing effects of the carbon bomb already detonated by earthlings. Big Steps on a global scale were needed...Back in the USA, Rove, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch Brothers had quickly figured out how to turn even the most tentative Big Steps imagined by greens into Backward Steps. (Grand Finale: last week any remaining Big Step ideas were dumped on by Obama's White House advisers as a way to make re-election easier.)

Looking for a different genesis? (Just kidding about the link.) Here's my proposed outline of what's going to be useful, given the circumstances. You can probably suggest additional subtopics to make the outline more complete.

Help make US Democracy work again

  • register to vote and get a picture ID: urge others to do the same

  • help get out the vote for the coming election

  • join and donate to at least one Washington DC environmental lobby group.

  • communicate with members of your Congressional delegation (face to face is best).

Participate in community activities

  • volunteer for local government advisory committees

  • make the farmers market a social occasion

  • join a bike or hiking club

Set a good example (the kids are watching)

  • keep on with whatever life changes have made your life more efficient and less expensive

  • become even more self reliant

  • cook "from scratch" for at least half your meals

  • make like a Hippie and scan the Whole Earth Catalog, back editions are found here.

*Millions now drive hybrids but nobody will yet publicly admit to owning vinyl.