News From Mother Jones: Poor Countries Reject a "Suicide Pact"


It's been a busy first few days of the Copenhagen climate talks for Mother Jones and our coconspirators. The big news so far: The world's poorest countries--a bloc known as the Group of 77, or G77--refuse to be steamrolled by rich nations hoping for soft emissions targets.

On Tuesday, an early draft of the proposed negotiating text was leaked to the media. It outlined a weak agreement that required fewer emissions cuts from wealthy nations. In the conference's first flashpoint, G77 negotiators stormed into a main hall in the middle of the busy conference center. "We will not die quietly," they chanted.

Naomi Klein writes that African leaders are some of the few who actually stand up to Obama. And MoJo blogger Kate Sheppard spoke with Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, the Sudanese chairman of the G77, who said that impoverished countries "have been asked to sign a suicide pact."

Meanwhile, even as the G77 leaders try to save their countries from certain doom, Sarah Palin is busily tweeting away about how climate change doesn't exist:

* 2 much of "global warming" agenda is merely to halt responsible developmnt;sound science must b foundation 4 Copnhagn decisions,not politics

The silver lining, as MoJo DC bureau chief David Corn writes: "If Palin truly becomes the public face of the opposition, that is not likely to boost the credibility or prospects of the do-nothing crowd."

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