News From Mother Jones: October 15 - The Incredible Shrinking Chamber of Commerce! and More...


Hello there, TreeHuggers, and welcome back to the weekly roundup of Mother Jones' environment news.

You've likely heard that the US Chamber of Commerce is shrinking as its members balk at the organization's Draconian climate policies. That's too bad for the Chamber, especially since, as Josh Harkinson reports, the Chamber wasn't as big as it claimed it was. Three million businesses strong? Not by a long shot.

Meanwhile, in California, Gov. Schwarzenegger steals the spotlight from the real stars of solar power legislation. But Bill McKibben makes the case that it'll take more than politicians to fix the climate before time runs out.

This week's Econundrum sheds new light on an age-old chestnut: Do snot-nosed kids trample all over the planet? And speaking of snot, the latest symptom of climate change is floating islands of mucus in the Mediterranean. Read all the charming details here.

That's all for this week. For more greenish news from Mother Jones, check out the Blue Marble blog.

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