News from Mother Jones: Health Care's Carbon Footprint


Happy Thursday, TreeHuggers. Everyone knows that America spends a ton of money on health care. But it turns out we spend a lot of fossil fuels on it, too. In fact, a recent study found that a full 8 percent of our carbon emissions come from health-care-related sources. Hospitals are the biggest culprits, followed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Also on our radar this week: California's water woes. Roll over, John Steinbeck. Drought and climate change are drying up California's once fertile Central Valley. For years, Californians have fought over the state's most vital (and exploited) natural resource. Could a new package of bills end the state's epic water wars for good?

Good news for kids: Sesame Street's going green. Watch Michelle Obama help Elmo plant a vegetable garden here. Bad news for kids: Big Coal is pushing yet another creepy coloring book. Oof. Disillusioning news for kids: What's in Loch Ness? Not a giant, friendly monster, but thousands of toxic golf balls.

Plus: Are you being bamboozled by fake bamboo fabrics?

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