News From Mother Jones: Felons Taming Mustangs, 5-Handi-Wipe Showers, Do Americans Believe in Climate Change?


Hi TreeHuggers! Today, news about skeptics, showers, and mustangs. Read on!

Warmer temperatures are making waves bigger. The last decade was the warmest on record. Himalayan glaciers are melting fast (though not as fast as the IPCC predicted). What with all the mounting evidence of global warming, you'd think that more and more people would be joining the fight to stop it. Survey says: Not so much. Researchers found that only 57 percent of Americans think global warming is happening, down 14 points from 2008, and only 47 percent of Americans global warming is caused mostly by human activities, down 10 points. Read more about the survey results here. More on what we still don't know about global warming here.

Elsewhere on Equine activists have been protesting the Bureau of Land Management mustang roundups, alleging that nine horses in Nevada were recently run to death. An innovative program in Wyoming trains dangerous felons to tame some of the rounded up horses. But can the horses tame the men?

Plus: this week's Econundrum comes from a friend of Mother Jones in Haiti: Could five Handi-Wipes be better for the planet than a hot shower?

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