News From Mother Jones: Coal in Decline, Why Lawns Suck, Eco Apps for Your iPhone


Hello, TreeHuggers. Here's a sampling of the goings on over at Mother Jones' Blue Marble blog:

Black is the New Green: Petroleum News has launched a new publication, Greening of Oil--"a science-based publication...scrutinizing what is being done to make hydrocarbons a more earth-friendly energy source," according to its mission statement. Color us skeptical.

Beyond Coal: Whether or not Congress passes climate legislation setting a cap on carbon dioxide, the future of coal in the United States looks bleak. Coal production in Central Appalachia is expected to decline by nearly 50 percent in the next decade. Even the coal industry's best friend in the Senate, Robert Byrd, has recently warned that coal states must "anticipate change and adapt to it, or resist and be overrun by it."

Why Lawns Suck: Two words: greenhouse gases. The way we tend lawns actually creates four times more emissions than the grasses sequester.

10 Eco-Apps for Your iPhone: Check your neighborhood's breathability, rate how efficiently you drive, find out what chemicals are on your produce, and more. For free!

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