News From Mother Jones: Cape Wind's Woes


Happy new year, TreeHuggers. It's looking like 2010 might not be so happy for the proposed offshore wind farm on Nantucket Sound known as Cape Wind. Over at Mother Jones, we've been tracking the beleaguered project's most recent set of obstacles. For starters, there's opposition from local American Indian tribes who say the 130 turbines would disrupt their sunrise greeting ritual, which requires a clear view of the horizon, and disrupt ancestral burial grounds.

But as MoJo blogger Kate Sheppard reports, the bulk of the opposition to Cape Wind over the years has come not from Native American tribes, but from a multimillion-dollar campaign backed by oil and gas money.

At the forefront of the effort has been William Koch, who alone has spent more than a million to oppose the farm via a group called the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. And there's evidence to suggest the Alliance and the tribes are working more closely together than either party acknowledges. More here.

Also at Mother Jones: 2010 is the year of the tiger, so let's hope this isn't the year the few remaining species disappear for good. And: If you've resolved to clean out your fridge, here are a few ways to use up your old eggs.