News From Mother Jones: Beyoncé's Beach House Brouhaha


Beyoncé's Beach House Brouhaha: Beyoncé and Jay-Z are reportedly worth $265 million. So why are they getting a FEMA bailout?

Most Pesticide Laden Produce of 2010: A few months back, we reported on the 12 most pesticide-laden fruits and veggies. Now, the Environmental Working Group is about to publish the 2010 version of the list. There are a few changes.

Mysterious Climate Bill Is "Like Sasquatch": Senators and advocates say they have seen outlines or heard summaries of what is expected to be called the "American Power Act." But none have said they haven't seen the draft and can't declare a position on it.

Chevron Goes Drilling for Footage: The oil company thinks outtakes from documentary Crude could help clear its name in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

New! Chocolate Toddler Formula:
Worried your 18-month-old might not be getting enough chocolate? Luckily, now there's a solution.

Badvertising, Bottled Water Edition:
Hey, if you were organizing a conference on water scarcity and climate change, would you give your speakers tap water or plastic bottles filled with water from a distant tropical island? This conference did.

Clean Tech Guru Fights California GHG Law: Why did this green tech exec give money to a controversial oil-company-backed campaign to derail CA's landmark emissions law?

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