New Yorkers Have Questions About Fracking? Chat With the Environmental Commissioner Saturday

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Image: saebaryo via flickr

The environmental commissioner's office for New York will host a town hall-style online chat Saturday morning to answer citizens' questions about fracking. The chat will take place on a site called CitizenConnects that in theory is designed to let New Yorkers ask high-ranking officials, including the governor, policy questions. From

Joe Martens, head of the Department of Environmental Conservation, plans to answer questions on the controversial natural gas drilling process known as high-volume hydraulic fracturing on Saturday morning on CitizensConnect, a Web site created by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo that is intended to promote open communication with his administration.

The Times doesn't seem too hopeful for how revelatory the chat will be—citing softball questions that the governor answered in his first online chat last month—but anyone with questions about fracking should at least try to get some answers, and make their concerns heard.

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