New York's First Eco Hotel to Open in 2008


Eco travel in New York just got easier. Starting in Spring 2008, you can wrap yourself in a certified organic towel, lay your head down on a certified organic mattress, breathe in the results of a geothermal heating and cooling system, and sip an organic cocktail from an environmentally-friendly roof garden, all from the city's first green boutique hotel.

The brainchild of developers Jack Ancona and Flatiron Real Estate Advisors, Greenhouse 26 is designed by Arpad Baksa of Arpad Baksa Architect to earn a LEED Gold from the U.S. Green Building Council, through conservation of energy, electricity, water, materials, and waste. The 19-story facility is the first hotel in New York to use a geothermal heating and cooling system and the first hotel in the U.S. to use thermal breaks on room terraces as insulation from hot and cold air.
Other green features include occupancy sensors which give a visual cue to staff when rooms are empty (for cleaning); a 500-square-foot, first-floor roof garden; and a bar/cafe with exclusively organic fair. In addition to mattresses and towels, soaps and robes are also certified organic.

"Going green is about reducing environmental impact during development and investing upfront to conserve in the future, without sacrificing the luxuries we associate with hospitality," says Steve Ancona, president of Flatiron Real Estate Advisors. "In many cases the hotel experience will be improved by sustainable design." Read more at ::GreenBuildingsNYC