New York Times on Green Business


The Gray Lady devotes an entire section to the green business, with articles like What's so Bad about Big? on the scaling up of green power, including a 100,000 square foot mirror installation in Arizona. This makes sense; if there is one resource in Tuscon, it is sunlight. "Wind, solar and other renewable-energy technologies that were once considered more appropriate for single homes or small communities are reaching levels of scale and centralizing that were formerly the province of coal- and gas-fired plants and nuclear reactors. In other words, green is going giant."

Read about Carbon Offsets in Aisle 6, running a restaurant where It Takes More Than Veggies to Make a Kitchen Green-"Keeping a restaurant kitchen green is a new focus at both high-end restaurants like Savoy and less expensive chains. Not only is there a search for safer cleaners, but also for new ways to compost kitchen waste and save electricity. Even takeout containers can be friendlier to the environment when they are made from corn or pulverized sugar-cane fibers instead of petrochemical foam."People are finally ready," said Michael Oshman, who founded the nonprofit Green Restaurant Association in 1990."

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