New York Times: Is Your Tank Half Empty or Half Full?

new york times graphic photo

Harry Campbell in New York Times
An interesting article in the New York Times where they as ten writers about the effects of expensive gas. A yay and a nay:
Robert Riech: Fuel for Inequality "AS if the widening wage gap weren’t bad enough, the bottom half of the American work force — everyone who will earn less than about $42,000 this year — is getting hit by the equivalent of a whopping regressive tax in the form of soaring gas prices. And fuel isn’t a discretionary item like cable TV that can be cut from the family budget.:... ::More
Allison Arieff: Ghosts of the cul de sac: "JUST when did it become sane to have a three-hour commute, anyway? High gas prices may help restore some degree of collective common sense while also forcing much-needed innovation in the way we design and plan our communities." ::More

Jamie Lincoln Kitman: The Light Stuff
"AMERICA needs to put its cars and trucks on a diet....The easiest way to save energy is to make everything simpler and smaller. Weight begets more weight. Bigger bodies mean bigger engines, brakes, suspensions and tires. Engineers always knew this, but nobody much cared when gasoline was cheap. ::More

Collect them all in the New York Times