New York Power Authority Applies For Long Island Offshore Wind Farm Lease From Feds

offshore wind farm photo

photo: Julian Menichini via flickr

Never to be left out of the action, New York has joined other northeast states in marching down the path towards building offshore wind farms: Reuters reports the New York Power Authority will soon be applying for a lease from the federal government required to build a 350-700 MW wind farm off Long Island.Project Cost Nearly $2 Billion, Minimum
The lease would be for over 64,000 acres of ocean, 13-15 miles out to sea. Expected rent for the project is in the $200,000 per year range. Based on estimates in the original article, the cost of the project is likely to be about $4 million per megawatt. In addition, costs for upgrading the electrical transmission system will add $415-812 million, depending upon the final size.

The planned project has been discussed for some time now--and an older plan for a smaller wind farm closer to shore off Jones Beach shelved after cost estimates soared--with the New York Power Authority, the Long Island Power Authority, Con Edison, and other state and city agencies involved.

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