New York City to Cut Emissions From Public Buildings by 30%

NYC Skyline at night photo

photo by Stig Nygaard

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Monday that the city would spend $2.3 billion to cut greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings and operations. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions 1.68 million tonnes a year from 2006 levels by 2017.

These reductions will be accomplished through improvements to the heating, cooling and ventilation systems of municipal buildings. Repairs to firehouses, police precincts, city offices and courthouses, along with purchases of more fuel efficient vehicles will also help reduce emissions
Regarding the price tag for these efforts, the mayor said that the city should break even on its conservation investments by 2013. He added, "The city is doing its part. I hope the private sector follows our example finds conservation savings on their own."

Perhaps if the city that never sleeps could shut out the lights every once in a while it would be a good place for the private sector to start.

via :: Reuters
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