New US Poll Finds Majority Of Both Political Parties Want Industry Limits on Greenhouse Emissions

The other key Zogby poll finding was that "Nearly three of every four — 74% — are more convinced today that global warming is a reality than they were two years ago, The survey, sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, was conducted Aug. 11—16, and included 1,018 respondents". The 'denialists' (our term) got profiled thusly: "Those who are more likely than others to be less convinced that global warming is happening include Republicans (39%), conservatives (33%), very conservatives (58%), Born-again Christians (31%), and people with annual household income of $50,000-$74,999 (31%)". We think the poll would have provided more useful insights if it had included some additional categories such as Petroleum Geologist or Mining Engineer, and did a sub-set poll of persons working within 50 miles of the District of Columbia. For a more complete explanation, look here.