New UN Climate Financing Group Is Another All-Boys Club

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photo: Quinn Dombrowski via flickr.

We just passed two milemarkers which make this next one all the more poignant: First, two days ago was International Women's Day and, second, we've just been told that in many places women are going to be hit harder than men by climate change. Now, via our friends over at Grist, we find out that a new UN climate change financing group of 19 people is an all boys club:The group will investigate potential sources of revenue to help developing nations adapt to climate change and mitigate some of the effects. It includes heads of state, ministers of finance, and members of central banks. Participation is evenly split between developed and developing nations. But not a single woman is present.

As authors Elizabeth Becker of Oxfam America and Suzanne Ehlers of Population Action International say:

Leaving women out is unfortunate and reflects a persistent bias in climate change decision-making roles. It is also unwise given the ultimate objective of the advisory group. This elite club will frame and shape climate change financial flows to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. We know that women are disproportionately represented among both of these groups and are often on the front lines of climate change.   In developing countries, because of their role as primary providers of food, water, and fuel for their families, women are both the most affected by climate change and a pivotal force for building responses to direct climate impacts.

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