New Study Says, Robbing the Cradle Makes Men Live Longer, Women Die Sooner!

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The fountain of youth is one of the ultimate legends made famous by Juan Ponce de Leon, who was only 53 at the time of setting out to find the mystical fountain. Since then, men and women have engaged themselves in all kinds of non-green activities to make themselves look and feel younger, such as buying a new Corvette, Porsche, getting a hair transplant, beauty product, smearing monkey dung and rare extracts from endangered tropical plants on their face and bodies, or wooing a younger man or woman into their clutches with their mature charm.

So far, only one of the above mentioned items could be considered somewhat promising (not to mention, somewhat green) for accomplishing the task of making one younger... but the women sure aren't going to like this one!A (Serious) Study by the Max Planck Institute in Germany has reported that men who marry women seven to twenty years younger, enjoy longer, presumably healthier lives. A man who marries a women 7 to 9 years younger will live 11 percent longer, or up to 20 percent longer, if he can snag one up to 17 or 19 years his junior.

Here's the kicker...
Women who follow the same equation (a man 7 to 20 years her junior) die sooner! Sorry ladies, but the research also found that a Sugar Daddy (older husband) was no better. In fact, women who marry either seven to nine years older or younger reduced their lifespan by 20 percent. Oh but wait, it gets worse. A woman who marries a man 15 to 17 years, either her junior or senior, has a 30 percent chance of dying early. If it makes you feel any better ladies, the men who married older women were also destined to the same early death.

The reasoning behind these findings could be many, but one thought is that the younger women are choosing these older men on behalf of natural selection, which states he must exude cues he is going to be a healthy, virile, and successful choice. So in fact, these women would be purposely choosing healthy older men who are predestined to live longer. The other thought is that because these women are younger, they are better able to take care of an older husband, thus the result of them living longer.

There were no thoughts or suggestion offered by the researchers as to why the women were dying earlier, but perhaps some of you Treehuggers might like to hazard a guess. The good news, women, is you can reduce your chance of mortality by up to 30 percent if you take on a vegetarian lifestyle, or perhaps better yet... buy a cat instead!

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