New Society Publishers Lives Another Day

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Sami has noted that New Society Publishers "has long been at the forefront of disseminating ecological consciousness and new ways of thinking about our role on this planet." They have published TreeHugger faves like Alex Wilson's Your Green Home, James Howard Kunstler's Long Emergency and Dan Price's Radical Simplicity.

Not only were their titles green, but their books were too, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. But they were owned by Douglas & McIntyre, a major Canadian publisher that went bankrupt last October. Many were worried about what would happen to its various imprints.

Now it has been saved, purchased from the receiver by its previous owners.

The “new” New Society will continue to acquire books with an activist focus. For, as publisher Judith Plant says, “Given climate change, ecological limits, the end of cheap energy, and the underlying economic and social collapse here and around the world, the party’s over, as New Society author Richard Heinberg succinctly puts it. We’re at a tipping point, and we need tools, techniques, strategies and inspiration for radical change, now.”

It's a bit surprising that they would take this on, given the existential crisis that the publishing industry is going through right now. But they know the challenge they face:

New Society is also embracing other technological challenges facing the publishing industry in the 21st century. Explains Plant, “Of course we sell all of our books as ebooks, and we plan to continue this. But the real challenge as a publisher is adapting to the broader electronic culture. We’re working on proactive ways to harness these technologies to work for our authors in getting their critical messages out to the reading public, in whichever form that public might use.”

Good luck to New Society Publishers.

New Society Publishers Lives Another Day
It's tough out there in the book biz, but one of our favourite green publishers gets saved by its founders.

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