New Renewable Energy Plan Unveiled by UK Prime Minister

Kentish Flats

photo by Phil Hollman

As the UK Renewables Advisory Board announces that the nation is going to miss its renewable energy targets under current government policy. In a speech as the Low Carbon Energy Summit, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announces a £100 billion plan which he says is "the most dramatic change in energy policy since the advent of nuclear power."In his speech at the Tate Modern museum Brown said that the Nort h Sea has passed peak for oil and natural gas and will be now turned into "the equivalent for wind power of what the Gulf of Arabia is for oil." Mr Brown added, "And this is the biggest prize of all: the chance to seize the economic future—securing our prosperity as a nation by reaping the benefits of the global transition to a low carbon economy."

£100 billion investment to generate 30-35% from renewables
Under the new proposals, which will include a new public advertising campaign to educate people about ways they can reduce their energy and fuel bills, the UK will generate 30-35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. An estimated 160,000 new renewable energy jobs will be created directly as a result of the program.

A complete transcript of the speech, as well as video footage from the Tate Modern are available.

The Guardian also has more on this, including the usual political rebuttals of the policy from opposition parties.

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