New Rechargeable Riding Mowers Half As Noisy as Gas-Powered Competition, But Pricier

recharge mower photo

The Recharge Mower. Image credit: Recharge Mower.

As one of several entries to a new product category, electric riding mowers, Recharge Mower recently seeded the newswires with a release describing theirs. (Some would call it a lawn tractor.) The Recharge Mower promo says it goes 3 hours on a charge, has an operator presence switch, blade activation safety control, and an audible reverse warning indicator. If you're going to mow a big yard anyway, the relative quiet of an electric lawn buzz would be an improvement for the neighbors, as well as benefiting air quality. So, why not - assuming you can afford the $2,195 plus shipping. As I say, there are other rechargeable riding mowers on the market; and probably many more to come.If Sherman Tank is your fav design paradigm, check out the Whisper Mow, as shown below.

whisper mow photo

Image credit:Whisper Mow.

The AMP Rider by Ariens, shown below, is likely to have more design appeal.

Ariens-AMP-Rider photo
Image credit: Ariens.

The Arien's web site promo says, interestingly, that it is "50% quieter" that a gas mower, and gets "75 minutes of continuous cutting" on a charge. As for cost/benefits:

The AMP Rider electric mower is selling for $3,299 MSRP and is available at and at Certified Dealers across the country. We estimate that with a gallon of gas costing $3/gal and with weekly mowing, the average consumer would save $120/year on fuel costs and avoid additional costs for oil and tune-ups.
Being available at Home Depot is likely to make a big difference - shipped in bulk to point of purchase.

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