New Products in Old Boxes: Columbia Sportswear's Reuse Program

A Box Life Columbia packaging reuse program image

Image credit: A Box Life

As every good greenie knows, reuse comes before recycle. That's why it's so exciting that Columbia Sportswear Company has started shipping purchases from its online store in reused boxes! (HP's packaging department could learn a thing or too!) But shipping in reused boxes is just the start - the company is also sponsoring an online community that helps folks track the path of their packaging. Apparently, since Columbia's online store started offering consumers the option of receiving orders in reused boxes, more than 60% of purchasers have selected to do so! (The remainder of orders are shipped in plastic bags containing 25% post-industrial recycled content, with instructions on how to reuse.)

But once the box is received, folks can keep the reuse fun going. Each box arrives with its own sticker and code - and by scanning that code, folks can track the path that their box takes as it continues from use to use, and even post pictures and stories about their box. It's all part of an online community called A Box Life that's seeking to engage people in the idea of reuse. It might sound a little geeky - but I'll confess that I'd love to know where my packaging has been and where it is going.

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