New Poll Identifies Global Warming as Top Environmental Problem

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According to a new poll released by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a majority of voters in six moderate to conservative congressional districts now believe global warming to be the top environmental problem and favor immediate actions to reduce carbon emissions. Air pollution and clean air were mentioned by 40% of respondents while clean water was only cited as a major concern by 25%.

Telephone surveys were conducted among voters who live in the congressional districts of six members of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee (which will be considering new global warming emissions legislation in the fall). In each case, 402 individuals were interviewed for a total of 2,416. The aggregate findings showed that an unprecedented 7 out of 10 voters agreed that global warming was a serious problem and, that given a choice, 73% would like to start cutting down on emissions now. Only 19% of voters expressed a preference for waiting until cleaner technologies were available.The top strategy voters favored to lower global warming-induced pollution was requiring appliance makers to build more energy-efficient products and providing the public with better incentives to invest in solar energy and insulation. In a blow to the big Detroit car manufacturers, an overwhelming 87% of voters in all districts favored increasing CAFE standards to 35 miles per gallon within a decade.

"Voters in Blue Dog and moderate districts feel strongly about the urgency of solving global warming. They support immediate reductions of global warming pollution and strongly favor mandatory pollution limits on power plants, industry and refineries," said David Tuft, campaign director for the NRDC's Climate Center.

The districts polled for the survey were:

* Pennsylvania 14th Congressional District (Pittsburgh)
* Georgia 12th Congressional District (Savannah)
* Arkansas 4th Congressional District (Southern Arkansas, Pine Bluff, El Dorado)
* Louisiana 3rd Congressional District (Gulf Coast)
* Texas 29th Congressional District (Houston)
* Utah 2nd Congressional District (Salt Lake City, South and Eastern Utah)

Via ::Environment News Service: Poll: Global Warming Top Environmental Problem (news website)

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