New Offset Industry Body Has Emissions Reduction Focus

The ICROA seeks to both reduce CO2 emissions at source and offset what remains photo

Offsets Must Be Matched With Reductions
As we've said many times, from our guide on How to Green Your to Carbon Offsets to our coverage of Eurostar's eco-efforts, offsets are only a small part of the answer when it comes to fighting climate change. To be truly useful, offsets need to be matched by reduction at source, so companies (and individuals) seek to do everything they can to minimize their footprint, but while they are doing it they also offset whatever emissions can't be eliminated immediately. It seems like much of the offset industry is already on our side in this regard, as this week saw the launch of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Association (ICROA), a body that will seek to support rigorous standards for the offset industry; help individuals and businesses achieve significant direct carbon reductions; and "encourage the use of real, verified, permanent, additional and unique carbon offsets".
World Leaders in Carbon Reduction and Offsets
The organization has been launched by eight of the most prominent offset companies, many of whom already make significant efforts to help guide their clients to lower carbon lifestyles and business models. The founding members are Carbon Clear, The CarbonNeutral Company, ClimateCare, Climate Friendly, co2balance, Native Energy, targetneutral and TerraPass, all of whom have agreed to adhere to a strict code of best-practice that includes guidelines on carbon footprint measurement, offset standards, and a commitment to the 'reduce-and-offset' approach. The launch of the ICROA is certainly a welcome initiative in our eyes — the more offset companies identify themselves with carbon reduction, the more they can act as a genuine catalyst for both direct and indirect cuts in emissions.

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