New i-Spy Corporate Transparency and Eco-Clothing from Finisterre

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“If you are selling something, in exchange for cash, it simply isn’t good enough — give them something else, something that counts, something that doesn’t have a price tag — a smile, a tear, and idea!”
Words from Finisterre, the British outdoor clothing company. But not only words. Actions too. This small enterprise has a cup brimming over with passion, for people, product and the planet. Indeed they like to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

A while back we let you know that Finisterre were on track to deliver a bit of a world first. Woollen apparel from an endangered breed of sheep. The Bowmont Beanie and scarf are now available, but it’s not the only new product from this firm founded by surf hounds. They a new Winter collection and fresh new website to match.

Finisterre’s offerings in Merino wool have always been world class. And now they are extending the line beyond next-to-skin layers into Knitwear, including a rather fetching mariner-style ensemble of a jumper (aka sweater), scarf and cap. The non-mulesed Australian merino wool in these products is given a nautical twist by incorporating Breton stripes. Alternating navy blue and white stripes that the French Navy of the 1850’s apparently thought would make their sailors more visible if they fell overboard.

The Pruga is a new insulated jacket for blokes. The inner and outer are cut from recycled (and recyclable) polyester, into which is sewn two varying thickness layers of recycled Primaloft Eco insulation. Finisterre call it their DDS (Double Decker Sandwich). The Pruga sports as many pockets as your hand has fingers and a removable helmet compatible, insulated hood.

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New for women is the Brisa line of flat stitched, body contoured, moisture transferring, performance bodywear in a 100% recycled polyester knit.

Guys and gals can both enjoy the new terry loop pile socks, again in non-mulesed Australian wool, for slipping inside wellington, walking or ski boots.

There is plenty more new product, new colours, updated styling and finishes in Finisterre’s winter collection, but it would wrong to focus solely on product. For this is a bunch of people who want to do more than sell stuff. They have a barely retained zeal for quietly changing the world. They’ve big dreams:

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“We were all kids once, we all used to dream endlessly and think that anything was possible. We say you’ve got go back, do it daily, do something childlike, with all the fervour and enthusiasm of the kid next door, no consequences, think anything’s possible!”

Take, for example, their i-Spy initiative,, which promotes corporate transparency. Here you find detailed information on the complete lifecycle of garments. Design, sourcing, processing, manufacturing, transport and finally the customer themselves. “A product is as much the result of supply chain as it is the designers’ hands and that respect the more you can shape the supply chain the more you can shape the final product.”

As part of the i-Spy project customers can learn that carbon dioxide use for conventional polyester is about 3.26 GWP (global warming potential) compared to 2.56 GWP for recycled polyester. Or that the company moved their recycled polyester insulated garment production to China for this winter line, but have an internal two year plan to bring it back to Europe. That they’ve sourced recycled polyester from America, Italy, Japan and China. That end users can cut by 40% the energy used to launder their clothes by washing at 30°C instead of 40°C.

One to watch. (As we’ve been doing here since 2007.)

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New i-Spy Corporate Transparency and Eco-Clothing from Finisterre
“If you are selling something, in exchange for cash, it simply isn’t good enough. Give them something else, something that counts, something that doesn’t have a price tag — a smile, a tear, and idea!”

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