New from Fujitsu: A Compostable Mouse

Fujitsu bioplastic mouse photo

Image: Fujitsu

Fujitsu, maker of the bioplastic computer and zero-watt computer monitor, has announced its latest: a mouse made with bioplastic instead of petroleum-based plastic, is attached to a cable made without PVC, and has a compostable shell.The model, Mouse M440 ECO, looks like it's just like a regular PC mouse—two buttons and a scroll wheel button, and it's got USB Plug&Play.; But unlike a regular mouse, it's made from "100% bio material."

GreenBiz reports that the shell of the mouse is made from Arboform and Biograde.

Biograde is a wood cellulose-based material, and Arboform is made primarily with lignin, a pulp industry byproduct that its manufacturer says is "second only to cellulose as the most abundant natural polymer." Mixed with natural fibers like flax or hemp, and some natural additives, the lignin forms a composite that can be processed and molded into shapes that resemble wood.

Fujitsu has an (older) accompanying keyboard also made with bioplastic, though only 45 percent. Neither are Fujitsu's first attempt at greening computer gadgets, although some have seemed more greenwashing than legitimate improvements.

The mouse, however, seems a little more promising. It's a tiny gadget, but every step away from plastic is an important one.

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